I can see them getting a lot of things done in the future that governments could not.
The New York Times wants go from newspaper of record to juicy narratives.
More people need to know how awful Rep. Spencer Roach is.
The news doesn't move the needle like it used to, Kill "Instagram Youth" with fire, US households pessimistic despite healthy finances
BNPL is not good for consumers, Too many people want to have sex w/ a robot, Rewarding non-negative behavior, "What an idiot!"
Subscriptions for everything, California recall, The scam call hero we need, No we don't prefer 'Latinx'
A crazy Catholic bishop, Cars are scarce, White House whoops, ESG bullshit 
Nothing to see here, Au Naturale footy, LAPD knows about your burner account, and  a Portland professor has had it with the illiberal shitf*ckery
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