From Dr. Fauci to OnlyFans

Everybody's got a side hustle these days, what's yours?

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The last 14 months have been HUGE for side hustles.

For some, the entrepreneurial spirit inside them was awakened violently (aka job loss). For others, it just accelerated the process.

Regardless of how the movie begins, the picture-perfect ending involves the side hustle eventually becoming THE hustle.

Introducing Hannah Sanford, a nutjob who falls into the latter category and one of the few who actually got the perfect ending.

Hannah didn’t lose her job because of COVID. In fact, the medical community could have probably used her over the last 14 months, as she is a SCIENTIST who at one point was employed under DR. ANTHONY FAUCI at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) where she studied DEADLY VIRUSES!

Before that, she studied HIV/AIDS at Harvard Medical School and was most recently (as a scientist at least) developing anthrax vaccines for a pharmaceutical company.

All that science non-sense ended in 2012 when she decided art was her new thing. She quit her $80K/year job to devote herself to it.

For 7 years she sold murals for commercial clients until she found her true calling: orgasm art.

“I surrender to the memory of the orgasm.”

It’s exactly what you think, and they cost $500 each, thank you very much.

“I really focus on the feeling I had in my body and channel it through me out onto the canvas.”

It started off small, a side hustle to support her murals, but business really started to heat up for Hannah after she met her now-boyfriend, Jay Lucas, last year.

Jay encouraged her to start an OnlyFans page (the ultimate side hustle) which she fully embraced. It was a match made in heaven, really.

OnlyFans embraced her back, and she quickly gained a following.

And what do you know? It turns out that the type of person who’s willing to pay a monthly subscription fee ($19.99) to access porn is ALSO willing to pay $700 a pop for a piece of “art” and a private show.

Who’d a thunk it?

Now art is flying off the shelves so fast that Hannah’s working overtime down under just to keep up with demand. I hope they have flood insurance!

She also has a Paint Your Pleasure course that will teach you how to “harness the powers of your pussy!” for a reasonable $333. An absolute steal if you ask me.

Hannah now makes a combined $100K a year from her combined…ventures.

And you know what? Good for her!

Go f****** nuts with it!

Here are some of my favorites:

TL;DR: Follow your passion, weirdos.

*not actual titles of art

Have a great weekend

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