Art Acevedo – New Miami Chief of Police “Calls It Like He Sees It”

Read: "He's kind of a dick."

Yesterday the City of Miami announced Art Acevedo as its new police chief. He will be succeeding Chief Jorge Colina who retired last month.

Acevedo’s resume includes Chief of Police of both Austin and Houston, and a ton of baggage:

Lawsuit claims City of Austin, former Chief Art Acevedo failed to help rape victims.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo punished in David Joseph case [controversial police shooting of unarmed teen].

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo had a bad weekend.

Basically says “at least they didn’t rape her” after 4 officers arrest a teenage jogger.

Two former Houston police officers indicted after botched raid that killed two people [under Acevedo’s watch].

Doesn’t apologize for it.

Investigated for showing nude photos of a fellow CHP officer he was having an affair with to other high-ranking officers while on duty.

Basically says that it’s better for sexual assault victims to go to therapy than be able to carry [a gun] and defend themselves.


Why Mayor Francis Suarez decided to go with an outside hire is beyond me. Was there absolutely nobody within the Miami Police Department who was qualified? Or was it a requirement that you had to be a controversial figure in order to be considered?

My simple-minded logic tells me that giving the position to somebody who’s been working the streets of Miami for years would be better equipped to handle the responsibilities of the job. But what do I know?

I think this is like getting the Tom Brady or Michael Jordan of police chiefs.


Huh? The worst things Tom Brady and Michael Jordan have done are deflate footballs and gamble too much (allegedly).

“I think this is like getting the Tom Brady or Michael Jordan Michael Vick of police chiefs.” Fixed it for ya, Mayor Suarez.

With Art, it’s like you’re getting a first-round draft choice — with experience. He’s outspoken and calls it like he sees it.


“Calls it like he sees it” used to be a good thing. To me, it used to be synonymous with honesty and fairness. Now it has become a euphemism for: ASSHOLE.

I’m hoping for the best, but Acevedo’s history doesn’t leave me with much optimism.