America is running out of ketchup!

When your favorite burger joint finally re-opens, you might want to stash a bottle of Heinz (or Hunt’s if you’re a psychopath) in your purse/murse before leaving the house.

If not you might have to eat that week’s 4th cheat-day meal sans ketchup.

Why? Because the ketchup industry “couldn’t keep up with orders for its sachets––the industry term for ketchup packets.

First: sachets > packets. So fancy.

Second: when the pandemic forced us all indoors, takeout orders went up, so the demand for packets went up with it.

Third: re-opening doesn’t mean less demand for sachets, it means more as CDC guidelines discourage shareable items- notice how most restaurants that are open don’t have salt & pepper shakers at tables?

The result = sachet prices are up 13% since January 2020 and restaurants are scrambling to find them.

“Everyone out there is grabbing for ketchup.” - Stephanie Mattingly, CMO Long John Silver’s

Heinz, who holds 70% of the condiment market, has plans to open 2 new manufacturing lines this month and to increase production by 25% to ~12B sachets per year.

Whatever they do, they better keep calling them sachets. It gives the ketchup experience a je ne sais quoi that I didn’t even know I needed until now.