Chicken Drumstick: Criminal Organization Generated $76M Selling Video Game Cheats

The world's biggest video-game cheating criminal organization was just busted

A collaborative effort between Chinese police and gaming giant Tencent has led to the closure of what police say is the biggest ever video-game-cheat operation.


When I woke up this morning, “Police bust 'world's biggest' video-game-cheat operation” was not a headline I anticipated seeing. Yet here we are.

You would think that in times like these the police would have bigger fish to fry, but apparently, this operation was no joke. It’s reported that the organization, nicknamed ‘Chicken Drumstick’ brought in ~$76M in revenues!

Ok, besides the fact that ‘Chicken Drumstick’ is an A+ name for a “criminal” organization…$76M pushing cheat codes?? Holy shit.

Moment of silence for Game Shark

Chicken Drumstick used a subscription-based business model that costs customers up to $200 a month. In return, they would provide access to cheats for games like Call of Duty and Overwatch.

But Dunning, who in their right mind would pay $200 a month for video-game cheat codes? Why?”

Great question. This is why:

That is a list of the top 10 tournaments with the biggest prize pools. As you can see there are millions of reasons for gamers to look for an edge over the competition. A couple of hundred bucks is just the cost of doing business.

Apparently, the cheating has gotten so bad it has caused some uber popular gamers, like Vikkstar (over 7M YouTube subscribers), to hang up the sticks in frustration.

Twitter avatar for @Vikkstar123Vikkstar ★ @Vikkstar123
This is why I quit Warzone:… The fact players can livestream themselves blatantly hacking with zero repurcussions blows my mind. This guy is 2nd prestige & broadcasts hours of himself hacking. This NEEDS to be addressed & fixed @CallofDuty @RavenSoftware Image

Naturally, this is no bueno for gaming companies like Tencent. They rely on gamers like Vikkstar actively participating in the gaming community and competition in tournaments in order for them to continue growing.

So they did what any conglomerate in China would do: they shut that shit down.

If Mad Catz was ever thinking about coming out of retirement and giving it another shot with Game Shark, now is the time. There’s a bunch of market share that just opened up about 8,000 miles thataway <—