Control what you can control

aka 'keep calm, and carry on', 'onward', etc.

Hello Idiots!

I made a mistake this week that had me so upset I could punch a baby, and I love babies.

Then I reminded myself that I can’t control the past (regardless of its immediacy), only what I do from that point on.

So, like a good boy, I carried on.

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Speaking in broad terms, there are generally 4 types of ‘things’:

  1. Things you don’t give a shit about and cannot control.

  2. Things you don’t give a shit about and can control.

  3. Things you do give a shit about and cannot control.

  4. Things you do give a shit about and can control.

In theory, it should be a fairly straightforward process in selecting which category of ‘thing’ to focus the majority of your energy on. The first 2 are the easiest to dismiss. If you don’t give a shit, well, you don’t give a shit.

Basic logic and reason should tell you that you should not spend any energy on number 3 either (even though you do, in fact, give a shit) because you cannot control it.

This means that if we were to create a Venn diagram for effectively allocating the energy of a responsible, well-adjusted adult, it would look like this:

But, like Charles Darwin said1:

“If humans were so f*ckin’ smart then why are they so goddamn stupid?”


I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot more time outside of that focus sweet spot than I’d like to. You probably do too and I’d be willing to bet it’s usually because of ‘things’ that fall under category #3.

Here’s what a Venn diagram looks like when we adjust for reality:

Well, shit.

This is the part where the self-proclaimed life gurus and thought leaders would give you the “key ingredient”, the “secret sauce”, the “blueprint” to follow that will guide you through the bullshit and make sure you don’t waste your precious time on the things that aren’t making you better.

Except, really, the “blueprint” is a few cryptic sentences that just amount to food for thought.

I have no such blueprint to offer, just a reminder to let go of the things you can’t control (no matter how many shits you may give) and focus on what you can.

Because that’s something you can control right now.

Consider your mind fed for the day!

Thanks for reading!


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Not actual quote from Charles Darwin