Gen Z "literally can't" email

Quick little early morning rant to get the juices flowing

Hello Idiots!

The ink on the kind words I had to say about Gen Z yesterday has yet to dry and the generational morons have already given Darwin another reason to have his way with us.

One step forward, two steps back.

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This piece was published over the weekend by the New York Times.

I didn’t think I could “get” the youngsters of today any less than when I find out that they simply refuse to have sex. Then I found out about the startup that raised $3.4M for the “Realworld Starter Pack” — a playbook for those who need help adulting.

After that, I thought surely, I cannot understand them any less than I do now! That’s when I found out that they have no pride in themselves and are ruining the American institution of cheating.

I personally have drawn the line no less than a dozen times, so now I ask you, reader: “where does it end?”

Not yet, apparently. The latest addition to the list of things that Gen Z literally can’t: email.

“Email is all your stressors in one area, which makes the burnout thing so much harder. You look at your email and have work stuff, which is the priority, and then rent’s due from your landlord and then Netflix bills. And I think that’s a really negative way to live your life.” - Adam Simmons, 24

Adam here prefers to communicate with his employees and clients via text message, Instagram, and Zoom calls.

This makes sense because that way he can have all of his important business correspondence spread out over multiple accounts on a handful of separate platforms instead of having them consolidated all in one place like an idiot.

“Part of the whole reason I don’t want to work for someone else is because I don’t want to constantly check my email and make sure my boss didn’t email me. That’s the most stressful thing.”’

“The eternal chore.”

“Every time I get an email, it is like getting stabbed. Another thing for me to do.”

“It has, on the worst days, brought me to tears.”

It sounds to me like email isn’t the issue here. The issue seems to be anything resembling responsibility.

My simple brain can’t comprehend how the generation that spends so much time with their heads buried in their phones (a habit that’s made them the most anxious generation ever) can draw the line at email, of all things. 

That’s what gives them the most anxiety.

That’s like being an adrenaline junkie who’s too chicken shit to climb a tree. It’s without fathom.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but rent and bills are still due, your boss is going to tell you to do your job, and responsibilities will exist in perpetuity.

The method of communication is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if it’s an email, text message, Tik Tok, raven, snail mail, Instagram DM, or goddamn carrier pigeon.

You’re going to have to do stuff.

TL;DR: Gen Z prefers to avoid responsibility.

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