Live Look-In at the Suez Canal

Giant containership is doing its best Austin Powers impression

The “Ever Given” is a 1,312-foot containership. That’s over 4 football fields.

And it’s been stuck like this since Tuesday:

As a result, over a hundred ships have been waiting at one of the world’s biggest trade canals. It’s literally blocking global trade.

The transportation and logistics industry as a whole has been taking it in the teeth lately. Since November 2,980 containers have been lost in the Pacific alone.


Nobody is going to get it worse than Captain Magellan who tried to thread the needle here.

It’s like when you’re trying to parallel park but you just can’t get it right and you start to panic. The angle is all wrong. You’re holding up traffic. Now there’s a crowd forming…

There’s nothing more emasculating.

Now take that feeling and multiply by a billion.

The traffic you’re holding up is the global economy.

And that crowd forming to watch - that’s the Internet.