Miami Commissioner Will Spend $1M in Taxpayer Funds on Animal Sculptures

Joe Carollo and his "Cat Mom" wife are delusional

What would you do with a million dollars?

Buy a house? Invest? Feed the poor? Buy an NFT?

If you’re Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo, you’re doing none of those things.

No, instead Carollo wants to build 50 huge aluminum sculptures of cats and dogs in Ferre Park next to Perez Art Museum Miami.

Yeah, you read that right. He wants to spend a cool mil on some statues that nobody asked for.

It all started because Carollo’s wife, Marjorie, a self-identified “cat mom” saw some pictures (above) of some cat park in Colombia and became obsessed, as a cat mom does.


The plan includes 6-foot sculptures of English bulldogs, German Shepards, Great Danes, and Siamese cats, as well as 3-foot sculptures of poodles, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and kittens.

But Dunning, why don’t we spend that money on something more productive for the city?”

Fantastic question. I’ll let the Commissioner take that one:

Mark my words, these sculptures will bring busloads of tourists to the park. I envision people flocking to see this art. Miami will be known for its ‘Walkway of Dogs and Cats.’

Joe Carollo, Miami Commissioner

Well, there you go. Can’t argue with that. It’ll be so incredible that tourists will have to “do the dogs and cats.”

Yeah, right after they do one of literally a billion other things to do in Miami. What a joke.

This is so Miami, too. I don’t know what it is down here but people fucking love putting ridiculous statues of animals everywhere: