Mr. Potato Head Is Getting Neutered

Are you shittin' me?

Poor Mr. Potato Head turns 69 this year, and he'll have to celebrate without the thing that makes him a "mister." Hasbro announced today that our beloved vegetable confidante will be gender neutral from now on, dropping the "Mr." and going by just: Potato Head.

I wonder if Mr. Potato Head had a say in the matter? It would be pretty rude of Hasbro to just assume his gender like that.

I don't give a shit what gender you want to identify as, what sex you're attracted to, whether or not you like pineapples on your pizza, or if you prefer the movies to the books. But can we quit changing things in the name of fake outrage?

Seriously. Who was mad about Mr. Potato Head? Who is so sensitive that they are offended by a toy potato?

In the contemporary words of my fellow millennials: I can't.

It's a potato. But kids like to see themselves in the toys they are playing with.

Ali Mierzejewski, Editor in Chief - The Toy Insider

You were right with the first part of your statement, Ali. It's a fucking potato.