NBA Shot Top - Performance Art Auction & Marketplace

If there’s somebody willing to pay for something, there’s going to be a market for it. Are you willing to pay, say $5, for a video highlight of your favorite basketball player dunking a basketball? What if you were one of only 1 in 1,000 people who owned that clip? 1 in 99? 1 in 10?

What about $250K? Yeah, that’s a hard “fuck no” from me, but that’s how much some nut job (or potentially genius) is asking for a highlight of Zion Williamson blocking a shot. Yes, a person purchased a video of a man preventing another man from putting a ball in a hole, and wants to sell that video to somebody else for a quarter of a million USD.

Here's a better one. For free:


It’s being described as virtual trading cards basically. Which I suppose is pretty accurate.

I’ve never been a huge basketball fan, but I did love baseball growing up and I loved collecting cards. Nothing was better than buying the latest Beckett and checking to see how much my precious cards were worth. I legitimately thought that Ken Griffey Jr. would make me rich someday.

Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 (rookie)

Back then you’d have to walk into a sports memorabilia store to buy your cards. This is when you would inevitably hover over the display case, careful to do not lean on glass, and day dream about owning the mint condition Lenny Dykstra rookie card. These stores were the only place to sell your cards too, for the most part, until eBay changed things.

Bo Jackson (1990)

You know what else changed things? I grew up.

But just because I think it’s silly doesn’t mean it won’t work (see: Bitcoin). It’s actually kind of genius. And lucky for the NBA they rolled this marketplace out back in July of 2019 which means they were already up and running when the pandemic hit and opened the otherwise non-investor to the idea of putting their money to work somewhere.

I think this is going to have some success in the short-term because it combines to 2 things that people tend to be very passionate about on an easily accessible platform. But long-term I just don’t see it working. Though I think they have a great plan to control scarcity and keep demand high. That exclusivity is crucial.

I think that once it’s had its 15 minutes it will continue to exist because it shouldn’t cost much and the content produces itself everyday, it just needs to be packaged and delivered. So it should provide a small annual recurring revenue for the league, but nothing more.

It will never be significant because it’s a basically a commercialized performance art auction and marketplace. In those investors are usually very emotionally tied to the “art.” So this will attract the most extreme and delusional fans (of which there are admittedly a sizeable number), but the casual fan is not likely to see the value, especially not if they're priced so absurdly.