Reminder That The MLB Hates Its Minor Leaguers

The Save America's Pastime Act was a slap in the face to baseball.

Remember the Save America’s Pastime Act (aka HR5580)? No?

Could you guess what it pertained to based on its title?

The first part is pretty easy – baseball. So then the next question, naturally, would be – what exactly did baseball need saving from?

Marathon gamesLack of front office diversityThe shiftThe fun police trying to kill baseball, citing unwritten rules.

Any of those guesses would have been excellent. They would have also been wrong.

The correct answer: baseball needed saving from overpaid minor leaguers. At least according to backers of the legislation (read: MLB).

The plan: exclude minor league players from the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, lest we forget, is what provides workers’ right to minimum wage and overtime pay, and protects them from generally shitty employers.

Being the shitty employers that they are, the MLB spent loads of money (ironic) on lobbyists and lawyers, and in 2016 the Save America’s Pastime Act was introduced to congress.

Who would vote for such a thing? Nobody would. Of course not – because that would be fucking ridiculous. Minor league players are notoriously underpaid (hereherehereherehere, enough?).

Naturally, the bill did not receive a vote and died in congress.

Baseball saved. From itself.

Fast forward to 2018 and congress has just days to pass a voluminous omnibus bill or else the government shuts down. So what does the MLB do?

They try to sneak one by the hitter. And they succeed.

The 891 page consolidated bill passed. Of course, it did – it had to.

In it, at the very bottom of page 780, barely reaching into page 781, was the previously thought dead spit-in-the-face to America’s pastime:


Meanwhile “employees” in a $10B+ industry are sleeping on air mattresses thrown on the floor in a room shared with 3 teammates. That ain’t right.

Sneaky riders are nothing new, but this was infuriating to me.

Grossly misleading the public by dressing up legislation with blatantly contradictory titles is so fucked up – the punishment should be death by a thousand Aroldis Chapman HBPs.

That’s the history lesson for today – just want to make sure people don’t forget.