Roach Bill Wants To Cap THC Levels - Huh?

Remember this guy?

“The legislation as written would limit THC to 10% for smokable marijuana, 15% in edibles and 60% in all other products.”

Who wrote it? North Ft. Myers Republican Representative Spencer Roach. What a name for a guy introducing a narc bill!

This will be crippling for the medical marijuana industry in Florida

Bill Pollara, Executive Director - Florida For Care

Yeah no shit! We’re going the wrong way here. The goal right now should be easing regulations, not tightening them. Especially when this is the argument from supporters of the Roach bill:

But advocates of the THC caps argued for years government oversight is needed to ensure that medical cannabis doctors don’t create another pill mill crisis.

Jacob Ogles

Suggesting that a cap on THC levels would make cannabis use “safer” only indicates to me that the author of this legislation has never been offered drugs. Which is a shame when Roach is your surname. So many missed opportunities.

Going further - comparing THC to opioids is just ridiculous. I’m not going to waste my time and provide links to medical studies, because if you still believe that the 2 are even in the same universe then no amount of scientific data will change your mind at this point.

The only time cannabis and “pill mill crisis” should be used in the same sentence is when describing the benefits of cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

Roach’s bill also puts limits on how medical cannabis gets advertised, prohibits marijuana testing laboratories from having economic interests in medical marijuana treatment centers and revises supply limits.

Jacob Ogles

Putting restrictions on how companies can market and advertise cannabis? Totally makes sense, it is a drug after all - I’m cool with that. No economic interests from testing labs? Good call, don’t want any conflict of interest in the ones who are testing the safety and efficacy - good to go. Revising supply limits? Noooo! We are going the wrong way here again!

Roach Bill

In reality, these would be the consequences of the proposed Roach Bill:

The biggest impact is going to be driving the prices up or driving the medical efficacy down, or both.

Bill Pollara

Pollara says that reducing the THC levels in many products would require cutting them with chemicals to dilute them enough to meet any caps. So what we end up with is a higher-priced, less effective, chemically diluted final product.

This is not what the cannabis industry needs right now. And it is definitely not good for the millions of patients who are currently benefiting from the positive effects of THC despite the unique regulatory challenges providers face.

In conclusion - the only people who care so much about stopping the advancement of cannabis are those who don’t understand how it works (i.e. never tried).

And those with economic interests in opioids, of course.