Space Hurricanes Are A Thing Now?


Ok, so the headline was just a little bit misleading. The space hurricane you’re looking at was observed by a group of scientists back in 2014…

In fairness to me: it took the scientists 6 and a half years to publish their findings. What matters is that we now have proof that they exist and the image above thanks to technology.

This analysis has now allowed a 3D image to be created of the 1,000km-wide swirling mass of plasma several hundred kilometres above the North Pole, raining electrons instead of water, and in many ways resembling the hurricanes we are familiar with in the Earth’s lower atmosphere.


Aside from being exotic looking and making it rain electrons, I have to admit I’m not impressed.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m undefeated against hurricanes, so it’s going to take a lot more than some pretty lights and negative subatomic particles falling from the sky to move this needle.

I mean if space hurricanes are so tough then why didn’t the space scientist rush to notify the presses?

You don’t fool me, space hurricanes. I’m on to you.


Tl;dr Space hurricanes = frauds